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Prior to investment CFM will work in partnership with private investor syndicates to provide assistance and support, where required, to help facilitate the investment process, without leading deals and making investment recommendations. There will be an expectation that syndicates will share due diligence and review investment opportunities with the Fund, and the investors in any round which are being considered as match funding will have to be eligible investors, in the sense that they are High Net Worth individuals or Sophisticated Investors as set out in the FSMA.

Initially Co-Fund NI will assess private investor syndicates and specific investments on a deal by deal basis but over time expects to move to a position where the Fund has a number of "pre-qualified" partner syndicates. After completing a number of transactions together CFM expects to have formed closer syndicate partnerships, which will enable the Fund to make a more rapid assessment of future eligible businesses, which are being considered for investment by a partner syndicate.

What Co-Fund will not do

  • Promote investment opportunities
    Co-Fund NI engaging with a Company should not be considered a validation or endorsement of it as an Investment opportunity
  • Lead investment rounds or set the terms of investment
  • Carry out independent due diligence (expect private investors to have carried out adequate DD and share outcomes with Co-Fund NI)

What Co-Fund will do

  • Seeking pre-qualification of investors and investor syndicates in line with Scottish Co-investment model, but on a deal by deal basis initially, assessing investors as well as investments
  • Engage with Investors as much as Companies, ideally it will be the the investors making initial contact with the Fund
  • Assist private investors where required for example with setting out term sheets, discussing valuation principles and providing guidance on due diligence and investment process

What the Co-Fund will need to progress

  • A proposed investment where the investor is seeking engagement from the Co-Fund NI
  • Investor confirmations that they are a HNWI and/or Sophisticated Investor as set out the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (available on request once a specific deal is progressing)
  • Signing up to a set of Terms and Conditions for engagement with Co-Fund NI for the investor, and any connected person investing alongside the investor (available on request once a specific deal is progressing)
  • Ideally a term sheet which the Fund can adjoin (template available on request once a specific deal is progressing) setting out terms, any gap in funding and expected due diligence process
  • Engagement in a structured and planned due diligence process and sharing of information with the Fund

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