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Cirdan Ultra Ltd, a subsidiary of Cirdan Imaging Limited in Lisburn, a specialist in medical imaging technology, has acquired the intellectual property and assets of the Centricity Laboratory Division of GE Healthcare IT in collaboration with Kainos.

As part of the acquisition, Cirdan Ultra has taken on responsibility for the support of the customers using the current versions of the Centricity Laboratory Information System (LIS) products across North America, Asia Pacific and the UK.

Announcing the important strategic acquisition, Hugh Cormican, Cirdan Imaging’s Chief Executive Officer, said: "Laboratory information systems are becoming even more central to the diagnosis and clinical management of disease.

“This acquisition positions us for faster growth in one of the most dynamic global healthcare markets. The market for laboratory information management systems is projected to grow rapidly to nearly £1billion ($1.5billion/ €1billion) by 2015, according to Kalorama Information, the leading global healthcare research consultancy.

“GE’s LIS products have already demonstrated their ability to provide real-time patient information effectively in healthcare enterprises ranging from small private laboratories to nation-wide hospital groups.

“We plan to develop the products to keep pace with the rapid advances in Molecular and Genetic pathology and are delighted to be part of a very bright future for the products.”

Mr Cormican said Cirdan will launch a new version of the product (version 5) in January 2015.

“This will combine the power and performance of the GE LIS products with the pathology imaging modalities under development by Cirdan Imaging.”

He added that Cirdan is also working with Kainos to link future versions with the Kainos award-winning electronic medical record product, Evolve™.