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Fusion Antibodies and ISCA diagnostics are today announcing that they have successfully developed a stable cell line expressing a humanized version of ISCA Diagnostic’s Aspergillus-specific monoclonal antibody JF5.

UK based contract research organisation Fusion Antibodies and UK medical diagnostics company ISCA Diagnostics, are today announcing the successful cell line development of the Aspergillus-specific monoclonal antibody JF5. Fusion Antibodies first humanized the parental antibody before development of the cell line. Fusion Antibodies have achieved a record PCD (picograms per cell per day) of 33.5 in non-fed shake flask cultures which will be capable of producing multiple grams per litre in a bioreactor system.

Paul Kerr, Managing Director at Fusion Antibodies commented: “Fusion Antibodies are very happy with the results of the project and look forward to the exciting future of the humanized JF5 antibody as a world class theranostic agent”. Chris Thornton of ISCA Diagnostics added: “The cell line will now enter cGMP production and the humanized antibody assessed for diagnosis and therapy of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in humans. The production by Fusion Antibodies of a highly sensitive and specific humanised version of the JF5 antibody for ISCA places us at the forefront of the fight against this devastating disease of immunocompromised patients. This ground breaking work opens up highly novel opportunities for early detection and treatment of the disease.”