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The Shnuggle bath wins Awards

The bath was rigorously tested by industry experts as well as parents.  Here’s what they had to say:

According to the team at Mumii: “Overall the Shnuggle is a superb baby bath. We love the modern look of the Shnuggle and the range of colours it comes in - something to suit all tastes and decor. It's a practical product which really does work!”

Mum Clare from Leicestershire loved the Shnuggle bath. She said: “Baby loved this bath as it kept the water warm. He was sitting up in it with very little assistance, which made cleaning him easy.”

Her verdict was: “this is a fabulous little bath for the early months”.

Mum Deborah from Durham agreed. She found that the size of the bath made it very easy to store. Her little girl loved being able to upright in the Shnuggle bath.

Mum Portia from Norfolk commented that her son loved the bath. She said: “The bottom of the bath has a raised area acting like a little seat, so when my son sat in it he could sit up without his little bum sliding forward. With it having a slope back design he was able to lean back and sit in the bath comfortably.”

She said that the Shnuggle bath was great value.

The Shnuggle baby bath: officially the best baby bath