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GoReport Releases White Paper

GoReport recently blogged about its London SurveyTech which took place on the 5th December at the RICS offices Westminster. The event was attended by some of the key influencers across the industry and which in turn produced some fascinating opinion and considerations.

Mobile technology is a pertinent and important topic for most, with new and exciting technology not only entering the surveying industry but effecting almost all industry at the moment. It is an area where we are being influenced on a daily basis whether its on a personal or in a business capicity.

With this in mind, and our SurveyTech content being relevant, current and representative of market opinions we decided to independently commission Paul Wilkinson of to write a white paper to publish these findings in order to share with the industry.  

You can read this thought provoking white paper here.

If you would like to request more details on attending the next SurveyTech event, please click here.