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Fusion Antibodies featured in EBR Magazine

Check out the company’s profile in the summer edition of European Biopharmaceutical Review. You can read a digital copy via

European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the biopharmaceutical industry and biotechnology sector as a whole. EBR provides detailed articles and reviews combined with insightful interviews and opinion pieces. EBR offers the European biopharmaceutical market a dedicated platform for the communication and sharing of information both across Europe and worldwide.

Fusion Antibodies offer a wide variety of antibody services at a high-quality with competitive pricing. With over 15 years of experience there is no better choice to take your biological drug ideas from concept through to cGMP production stage. Services they offer range from protein expression and sequencing right through to humanization and stable cell line development. We have developed award-winning technologies such as our Fusion Expression Technology and CDRx Antibody Humanization Platform to ensure they deliver the optimum service to their clients.

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