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China welcomes Shnuggle

Shuggle's Baby Bath makes it's debut at the China Maternity & Baby Trade Show including appearing on Chinese TV.

The Shnuggle Baby Bath launched at the 2015 CMBE Trade Show in Shanghai 22nd - 24th July. New Shnuggle Distributors 'Western Baby' who specialise in Clever Baby Products from the Western Market, were run off their feet during the three day show.

As well as appearing in front of International Buyers, the Shnuggle Bath was also broadcast on Chinese Television (China Population 1.357 Billion). I'm sure the full 1.357 Billion people were not all watching TV but still, an impressive audience for the Shnuggle Brand. Here is a link to the TV piece:

Enquires came in from the Philippines, Israel and Malaysia and it looks as though the Shnuggle Bath is going to be appearing all over th globe....from it's humble beginnings in the minds of parents in Newtownards, Co Down (Northern Ireland population 1,850,394 people.