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PathXL TissueMark is published in the high impact cancer journal Oncotarget

PathXL today announced the publication of research demonstrating that TissueMark, the company's automated tumor analysis platform, can bring reproducibility and accuracy to molecular diagnostics in lung cancer. The results come from a study conducted by Peter Hamilton Ph.D., and a team from the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology at Queen’s University Belfast, which has been published this week in the journal Oncotarget.

Titled ‘Automated Tumor Analysis for Molecular Profiling in Lung Cancer’ the study analysed a large cohort of lung cancer cases and showed that TissueMark could automatically annotate cases for macrodissection and where statistical comparison between manual and automated mark-up for tumor showed strong concordance. Automated TissueMark annotation of tumor followed by macrodissection provided identical EGFR molecular results when compared to conventional manual mark-up.

Also, of particular importance in molecular diagnostics in lung cancer and other solid tumors is the evaluation of tumor cell percentage. The paper carried out an extensive examination of reproducibility of tumor cell percentage estimates by pathologists in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This showed gross variation between pathologists and significant deviation from accurate benchmark cell counts. However, automated analysis of tumor cell percentage using TissueMark H&E image analysis platform, provided novel quantitative data which was significantly correlated with accurate benchmark tumor cell count data on the sample samples, and provided results in a fraction of the time.
This paper demonstrates that TissueMark can improve quality and precision in molecular analysis, a more precise evaluation of tumor percentage in lung and other cancers, reduce the potential of false negative test results and provide faster sample turnaround.

Contributing author, Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez from the Northern Ireland Molecular Pathology Laboratory recently delivered a presentation on this research, discussing the importance of tumor evaluation in molecular pathology and the potential impact of TissueMark in biomarker discovery, validation and clinical trials. For more information on the publication, or to access the demo recording please contact us.
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Oncotarget publishes high-impact papers of outstanding significance and novelty in cancer research and oncology.

About PathXL 
PathXL is a global pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for digital pathology, and provides innovative software for use in drug discovery research, clinical sectors, biomarker analysis and education. Their product for the automated identification and annotation of tumor tissue, TissueMark, was awarded the Frost and Sullivan 2014 European New Product Innovation Award for Automated Image Analysis for Digital Pathology.