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Datactics: The Data Quality Landscape - Q1 2016

The data quality market for the calendar year 2014 was worth around $1.1 billion, of which software sales and maintenance accounted for around $900 million. The overall figure includes the professional services arms of data quality vendors, but excludes the (substantial) revenues of systems integrators and consultancies involved with data quality initiatives. 

The industry offers a considerable range of solutions, from basic postal code validation to full-service data quality suite, possibly linked to master data management or data governance offerings. Not surprisingly there is a considerable price difference between the elaborate suites of software from Informatica, IBM, SAP and SAS compared to more specialist tools that focus on a specific problem or market. Some tools tackle the problem of data quality in general rather than just for customer data. For example product data frequently requires parsing from free-text files and tools may provide the ability to match data to standards such as UNSPSC or GS1. Compliance is an increasingly important driver for data quality in industries such as banking, pharmaceuticals and insurance, where the consequences of poor data quality can now be very costly indeed…

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