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SaltDNA Introduces First Virtual Secure Mobile Communications Platform

SaltDNA, the leader in secure mobile communications and compliance for the enterprise, is offering the world’s first on-premise, secure communications server as a virtual appliance.  The solution provides the highest-grade encryption technology for mobile voice and messaging communications, coupled with best-in-class enterprise management and regulatory compliance features. The appliance is a fully packaged server platform which can be installed in minutes and allows SaltDNA’s partners and enterprise customers to take full, on premise control of their secure communications infrastructure.

The SaltDNA secure communications platform will be available for download in the form of an .ova (Open Virtual Appliance) file in November 2016. The appliance can be deployed into any virtual environment and configured, ready for use, within minutes – allowing the enterprise to migrate all voice calls (including high scale conferencing) and instant messaging/group chats to a completely secure environment immediately from anywhere around the globe. With SaltDNA’s new offering enterprises can operate a completely closed, secure global communications system, eliminating any reliance on, and removing sensitive access from, 3rd party service providers, while being able to fully comply with all regulatory requirements regarding call and message metadata.

Key benefits of SaltDNA’s on-premise virtual appliance:

Global, secure calls, conference calls, messages and group chats on any smartphone
Full control over secure communications – no third-party telecom providers with the inherent security risks
Simple to install and configure users immediately
Complete control of users and call/text metadata
Secure attachments – documents and photos

"We are excited to offer our secure communications solution as a virtual appliance, allowing our customers to take advantage of the many benefits of virtual infrastructure. ,” said Joe Boyle, co-founder and COO of SaltDNA. “Our new virtual appliance is very simple to operate, using a version of Linux that is extremely strong and robust. Our virtual appliance can be downloaded as a .ova file and imported into a VM cluster.” The IT department then only needs to configure their network details (hostname and IP address), and open pre-set ports in their firewall to enable full secure communications for their users in a matter of minutes.

“This release of SaltDNA allows Chenega customers to deploy their own virtual on-premise secure communications solution on their hypervisor within minutes,” said Matt O’Hanlon, Vice President Operations at Chenega International Consulting, LLC, a provider of security services to government and enterprise customers . “This announcement is a significant advance within the security sector, with SaltDNA once again setting the standard for enterprise-class secure mobile communications. This virtual appliance will allow businesses to install a secure communication platform extremely quickly and in a way that directly matches their enterprise requirements to ensure both enhanced security and compliance.”

About SaltDNA

SaltDNA provides a fully enterprise-managed software solution that enables absolute privacy in mobile communications to protect its users from economic and corporate espionage. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards.  The SaltDNA Mobile App can be used on any device running iOS or Android and protects communications over any network.  The SaltDNA Communication Manager provides a console for tight management of users and can be configured for the management of regulatory (i.e. FINRA, HIPAA and MiFID) compliance.  SaltDNA is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Belfast, UK, and is funded by Accomplice (formerly Atlas Venture) and Stonehammer Capital.

For more information about the SaltDNA Virtual Secure Communications Appliance, contact .