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Sensum Insights now includes facial-recognition, eye-tracking & implicit reaction testing

This year has really seen brands and agencies start to wake up to the value of using biometric and neurological data to build a more well-rounded picture of the consumer’s emotional journey. Instead of relying exclusively on traditional market research methods based on conscious questioning and surveys, which only provide a singular point of view, they’re now making use of facial-recognition, eye-tracking and implicit testing.

But in order to do so they were having to gather these data streams through separate providers, which of course made building a complete 360 degree picture of the consumer’s response challenging. This is why we’ve now added these functions to the next-generation of our Sensum Insights neuromarketing solution. It’s the first self-service product available on the market to include all of these capabilities. 
The platform enables organisations to:

•Understand audience’s emotional responses to media, messaging, visuals and pricing

•Set up global market research studies in minutes at a fraction of the traditional cost

•Incorporate facial recognition, eye-tracking, quantitative questioning and surveys into their market research methods

•Add additional data streams such as sweat response (GSR), motion, heart-rate, neuroscience and integrate third-party technology when required

•Track results in real-time

•Instantly visualise, compare and download comprehensive graphs & results to take immediate action

See how Sensum is used in industries like yours :

•Advertising and Content

•Understanding the Audience

•Customer Experience

•Brand and Product Review

Sensum Insights is web-based so can be accessed by anyone with a connected device anywhere in the world. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive so simple for both those running research projects and participants taking part to use.