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Rexona is put to the test: Sensum, Unilever and Mindshare show off Rexona’s fresh moves at the Electric Run, Malaysia

Well, after years of advertising with little effect in Malaysia, Unilever wanted to prove to those sceptical consumers that their deodorant brand Rexona (Sure in the UK) is the freshest of them all. Unlike their competitors, who wanted to attract customers with selling points such as ‘no white marks’, Rexona focused on attracting their target market with their USP that “the more you move, the fresher you get” when you wear their deodorant. The brand wanted to make people aware of their motions sense technology. It allows micro capsules to burst into fragrance upon movement.

The key question here is - how does Rexona get their USP message across to their current and potential Malaysian customers with a little bit of fun involved? The answer is simple… Partner up with one of the biggest Malaysian events, the Electric Run in which consists of a 5K night run that combinates with a concert at the finish line!

Unilever and Mindshare Malaysia, a global media agency network, kindly invited our team at Sensum to help with the launch of Rexona’s first Life+ campaign.

The Electric Run took place on the 7th May 2016, with over 15,000 people participating. With ambient motion sensors set up over the whole stadium, we were able to monitor the crowd’s ‘electric’ buzz! What’s more, wearable devices were worn by a selection of runners which allowed us to test motion, movement body metrics.

All of the participants were invited to download an Android mobile App which we used to track the number of steps taken at the event. Here, the key incentive for participants was “The more you move the more money we raise to help mobility disabled people.” The significant amount of movement also gave Unilever the opportunity to help consumers finally understand the technology of motions sense!

With the atmosphere at an ultimate high, participants were able to dance all night while having views of massive LED screens that displayed the number of moves made and the amount raised in real time!

While the campaign event was all fun and games, it was important to evaluate whether it was a success:

- More than 15,000 participants made over 104 million moves, raising RM 100,007 (approx £19K) for charity

- There was over 20,000 interactions on social media, enhancing the brand’s awareness

- The campaign had a significant reach of 4.7M people

For us, it’s easy to say that it was very successful campaign in which we are very proud and grateful to have been apart of. Using wearable technology we were able to see that people felt good and stayed fresh. Not only did participants raise a wonderful amount of money for charity, they were finally able to understand what Rexona wanted them to: that their product helps them stay fresher the more they move.

To see more about May’s event, please see the promotion video below, in courtesy of Mindshare Malaysia click link to news article below: