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SaltDNA Launch Legal Specific Solution - SaltLegal

SaltDNA, the developer of the leading solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices with full, centralized control for the enterprise have today announced the launch of SaltLegal. SaltLegal is an industry specific solution that provides law firms with the ability to communicate with colleagues and clients with full confidence that all conversations are secure. SaltLegal allows for the transfer of secure legal documentation from the SaltMobile or SaltDesktop device, allowing collaboration between the office and the courtroom.

Having worked with some of the biggest firms in the world, SaltDNA has gathered feedback and have designed SaltLegal with the legal use case in mind. The ability to manage closed user groups is an ideal feature, allowing firms to separate contacts on a case by case basis ensuring that clients only have access to their designated lawyer and not the full portfolio of company lawyers. It also ensures that personal phone contacts are not synced to the SaltDNA contact list, ensuring that communications remain professional and work related. This alongside secure file transfer, conference calling, group messaging and on-premise deployment options highlight how SaltLegal is perfect for the handling of legal matters, specifically with client care in mind.

"Cyber Security and the protection of client information is finally receiving the attention it needs within law firms. Our focus on the legal sector has come as a result of extensive market research, as well as feedback from well-renowned clients of SaltDNA," said Joe Boyle, CEO at SaltDNA. "In recent years we've seen the importance of cybersecurity grow to a point where it is the key concern for law firms nowadays. Recent hacks have increased awareness of cyber attacks, and clients are now demanding ways to keep their information secure. SaltLegal has been designed to do exactly that, placing client confidentiality at the forefront of our plans and ensuring legal cases can be dealt with discreetly."

"Law firms are increasingly considering cyber security risks and protecting clients' information and their own reputation as part of their business strategy," said Nankunda Katangaza, Co-Founder at Hook Tangaza. "SaltLegal brings together its acclaimed mobile technology with the new desktop solution to provide streamlined security for all communications. Hook Tangaza is delighted to be working with SaltDNA on this new and exciting venture."