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£1.2m injection for software firm

Oroson has secured the cash from Co-Fund NI, managed by Clarendon Fund Managers, as well as private investors.  The investment aims to develop their innovative software which enables businesses to increase their productivity by streamlining their workflows. Their SaaS business model is a unique solution that offers real value to businesses. Oroson brings all your work together in one central online hub, solving the problem created by the volume of information and resources we have to manage in our daily working lives. Daniel McGlade, founder and chief executive of Oroson, said,: “In developing Oroson, my goal was to address the productivity challenges we all face. It is estimated we spend over 60% of our time managing our work rather than doing the work. That’s before we even deal with the effects of constant context switching between tasks which is known to cost us 20% of our available working time for each additional project we work on. I wanted to deliver a tool that enables businesses to get more done, more effectively and more efficiently across teams and locations.

In addition to the £1.2m injection, Oroson has also been offered £350,000 worth of support from Invest NI to support research and development, as well as the creation of three jobs. Daniel adds: “We have had an incredible year to date and have seen our product and company grow from strength to strength thanks to investments from Co-Fund NI, Invest NI and private investors, and of course all of our valuable clients who have signed up to our solution.”

Chris Trotter, portfolio manager at Clarendon Fund Managers, added: “We are proud to support Oroson as they develop tools to improve how people collaborate. Oroson highlights the standard of talent that Northern Ireland has to offer to the global software market. The company and its staff have already achieved significant milestones to date.”