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Adoreboard Recognised as a 2019 Gartner ‘Cool Vendor ’in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics

Clarendon portfolio company Adoreboard, a pioneer in Emotion AI for measuring Human Experience (HX) across enterprises, has been designated by Gartner as a 2019 ‘Cool Vendor’ in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics.

Adoreboard who began life as a spin-out company from Queen's University unites customer and employee experience through its Human Experience (HX) measurement platform Emotics. The system automatically links the emotional intensity expressed in any unstructured text with the themes that matter most to enable executives to prioritise decisions to drive better business outcomes.

According to the Gartner report: “We highlight five vendors that stood out in their respective markets. They offer solutions that use a variety of AI technologies from augmented analytics, including predictive analytics, text analytics, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning, to help companies improve their CX and marketing efforts and campaigns.”

Adoreboard’s Chief Executive Chris Johnston said he believes that the ‘Cool Vendor’ status says more about Adoreboard’s long-standing cool customers who have taken a new approach to unlock deeper insights about human behaviour. He said: “Adoreboard provides a new way to measure human experience across the enterprise by using emotion as the basis for unifying customer and employee experience beyond traditional measures. Brands like Telstra are finding that by measuring emotion, experiences across the enterprise can be managed and unified to impact business imperatives like customer satisfaction, product and service quality and employee engagement.”

According to the Gartner report, “Customer-analytics-focused startups are beginning to include AI as a part of their offering to leverage vast datasets and automate processes. We identify emerging vendors that demonstrate AI is essential to their offerings. They have invested in the data and skills to successfully support its Analytics”

The report further states that: “By 2023, 80% of organizations using artificial intelligence (AI) for digital commerce will achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction.”