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Tyrone specialists in dismantling oil and gas facilities to set up in Aberdeen

Great to see our portfolio company, DECOM Engineering, that specialises in decommissioning oil and gas facilities, expanding as it opens up a new office and test centre in Aberdeen. Keep up the good work Sean Conway!

Cutting edge: From left, Decom Engineering’s new 24” chopsaw and (l to r) business development managers Scott Eke and Matthew Drumm, commercial director Nicholas McNally and chief executive Sean Conway. Credit: Rory Raitt

Cookstown-headquartered company Decom Engineering, founded a decade ago, will spend £200,000 on a test centre and office in the Scottish city, once the administrative centre of the industry in Britain.

"Mobility and portability means we can deploy to anywhere in the world to play a dual-purpose role of safely dismantling, in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner, infrastructure which is no longer fit for purpose.